Yu-gi-oh, A Forgotten Relic Of The Past

The Rarest Subspecies of Nerd: The Yu-gi-oh Kid

Yu-gi-oh is a card game that was created by some nerd in Japan. It was first introduced  to Japan in 1999 and then to North America in 2002. It is really strategic game and a false move can end a player’s life. Yu-gi-oh was really competitive during the early 2000s but has slowly died down and players have moved on to other things.

At Animo Pat Brown we have a very diverse culture of students, some are athletes, others are gamers, but the most rare type of student is the the Yu-gi-oh kid.  Since 2012, their numbers have been decreasing at a steady rate, studies state that by 2033 their population would be as low as 5,000 worldwide.

However, at Animo Pat Brown, it has been a safe haven for this rare nerd. These Yu-gi-oh kids have found sanctuary at Nerd Club Headquarters where they live and thrive. They feed off the ice cream truck that comes everyday after school to Animo Pat Brown. Andy Lopez is the leader of the Yu-gi-oh kids at the school is leading his flock to the front lines to protect remnants of their lost subculture.


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