The Masquerade Dance

The last winter formal dance for many seniors and the first winter formal for many freshman. An exciting night with a mysterious twist to it. This dance had brought a different tradition to the school, a tradition we hope will continue on for the next years to come. Our ordinary gym was decorated with gorgeous lights that made the room look like a ballroom. The wonderful blue lights set the tone of the night, a tone of mystery and enthusiasm. Many students danced the night away with the rhythm of the music.

In addition, as many students have fun and enjoy the night, behind the scenes many Student Council members plan and set goals for the dance. These goals are set in order to make the dance as magnificent and exhilarating as humanly possible. When speaking to the President of Student Council she explained, “We have noticed that when more students attend the dance it becomes more enjoyable for everyone as there are many different people who you can talk or dance with. I believe we did a good job of attracting many people to the dance through advertisement.”

Nevertheless, while many Student Council members achieve their goals and make the effort to give an amazing experience, many students appreciate the work and it reflects on how much they enjoyed the dance. When asked about The Masquerade dance, APB senior Lissete Cisneros mentioned, “This one was better than the first one, so Student Council is getting better and it looked so pretty.” Referring to the beautiful decorations that Student Council members worked hard on. Much of Student Councils work is not at times appreciated but mostly criticized. In a way, criticism is helpful in being able to better your own work as well as listening to those around you. When asking Lissete if she had some words of encouragement she cheered on saying, “Y’all doing good, Y’all put in so much effort into it, I have never seen a Student Council class put so much effort in the photo booths. Some criticism is the music playing and getting students to come” Something that is noticeable how many students of APB do not participate in events Student Council members organize.

Adding on, participation is key in high school. Having the opportunity to be in Student Council is amazing, being part of a group of people that make events for school happen is exhilarating. However, some students do not go to the events or even appreciate them. Most just criticize without being there or even acknowledging the hard work. The best thing that high school can give are experiences, and going to the dances even though you may not be the best dancer still gives the memories that will make your high school experience stupendous. As a senior in my last high school year school dances have always been a fun and amazing way to make memories with my closest friends. I encourage everyone to go to at least one dance and see for themselves the enjoyable night they can have.


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