I was diagnosed with stage 4 senioritus

In my first 2 years of of high school I have tried my hardest to try to keep up my grades above a B. Then in 10th grade I made the foolish mistake of taking AP classes, I was drawn by the benefits that outweigh the workload. I soon came to realize that the AP courses were much more demanding, my AP teachers went as far to tell me told me to forget the work of the other classes because this class was this important. During those days I lost many hours of sleep and free time because the constant demand for homework, over time I gained bags under my eyes, headaches, and insomnia. At the end of the year I only passed one of my AP’s and lost my drive to work.

Now in 12th grade I have taken the AP opportunity once again now it has gotten worse. I did not start this year strong, in almost all my classes I started the year with an F. It has been a long journey leading up to this point and I am giving up. I’ve been so deprived of sleep that I’ve been sleeping with my eyes open in class.I have been making an effort to sleep early but my circadian rhythm (Sleep Cycle)  has been disturbed.

In 1st period class I have not read any of the novels that Ms. Bruski, I always looked at the chapter summaries online, even if I enjoyed the novel. I’ve read a total of 9 summaries in that class and plan on doing the same for the Heart of Darkness novel. In 2nd period I have robotics, in that class you have to learn how to code in order to actually get anywhere in the class. Up to this day I have not learned, back in the first semester my group members would hog the computer and robot. Now in this current semester I have to construct a robot from scratch and program it using the same codes from last semester. In 3rd period I used to study for my government quizzes but slowly I lost my drive, by the 5th month I was burnt out. I couldn’t keep up with the other the studying and the homework

“The saddest thing about betrayal is that it never comes from enemies, it comes from those you trust the most.” – Jahseh Onfroy, SAD!

from other classes. I have other things to do, I have a life at home, I have chores, I have hobbies. I also love sleep very much, and school is taking my that away from me. 4th period is really the only class I have an A in, I try to do my best in that class. However in 5th period it’s a different story, In 5th period I have journalism and I have done absolutely nothing according to Mr. Villagomez. I have done a total of two stories (not including this one). One of them I wrote only half a page, in that class I usually watch anime or discuss about random things with other losers. The only thing that pressured me to write about my laziness was Mr. Villagomez. Every time when he walks by me during class he looks at me disappointed and feel bad, I know he knows that my GPA is 1.8 and he’s trying to help me but doing work is a lot of work. My 6th period is Pre-calc and I have done absolutely no homework, I have a zero in homework. I want to change but then I say to myself “What’s the point, I’ll just get a good score in my tests”, then I get low scores on my tests so I’m stuck in between a rock and hard place. I have so much work piled up that I don’t know where to start first.

I know I have problem and I admit it. I’m trying to change my ways, I’ve done a whole semester of nothing and now I am facing the consequences. I am now trying to do 5 months of work in 4 weeks, I took me 8 weeks to complete this story and I plan working a lot more. This is my comeback. Get ready here we go.


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