Animo volleyball wins first match of the season

September 19 was the Animo Monarch’s first volleyball game of the season and they walked away with a come-from behind win.

Animo Pat Brown students have become more involved in sports as the years progress.

Junior Cassandra Carrillo represents Animo Pat brown’s volleyball team.  She said she was “excited but nervous at the same time since it was my first time playing a volleyball game.”

She is not letting the nerves get the best of her, however.

“I think I’m prepare for the next one , the first game took the nervousness down,” Cassandra said.

Tension and nerves got the best of the Monarchs as they lost the first two sets. However the Monarchs did not give up and were determined to win the game, coming from behind to win the last three sets of the match to lead them to a victory.

Junior Cristina Amaya is new to the volleyball team, however she doesn’t let her nerves get the best of her she.  She said she is aiming to “win the next game as well , we have to!“

Part of the Monarch victory was the effort they put in every practice.

“I felt we were prepare because we would pay against guys in our practices,” Cristina said.

The Monarchs will continue working hard in other to keep winning games.

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