Zooming in on Animo Monarch’s Football

Animo Monarchs, lost their second game against Mary wood Palm Valley High School with a score of 36-30. Their first game against West Shores High School  on September 9 went much better than their most recent game.

Angel Flores, APB senior and defense player on the football team, said that they won their first game because of their perseverance and focus for all the practices that they had to prepare for the game.

Angel also said that this year’s team is more motivated and more well-prepared than last year’s team. Last year’s team didn’t take the time to practice as much as they could, therefore costing them to lose some of their games.

Ramon Iribe, APB senior and runner back of the football team whose job is to provide protection for the quarterback, acts as a decoy and runs a pass route designed to put the offense backs and line backers away from one or more of his teammates who are the real targets off a pass from the quarterback.

“What the team and their players do in the off season can be the key to success for the upcoming season,” Ramon Iribe said. “The team this year has confidence this year because of the new strategies we have learn this upcoming year.”

Since it is his second year being on the team, he is very excited to demonstrate his abilities to the team. He said that the coach makes them do a combination of weight training, cardiovascular drill, building strength, and proper nutrition to help them improve their performance on the field.

Their most recent game will be on September 23, at Animo Jackie Robinson. With their constant training, they hope to win their next game.

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