End of Homecoming Game?

Homecoming week has been a tradition at Animo Pat Brown Charter High School for the past 3 years. However, The Homecoming of 2011 might be the last one due to the fact that APB might lose its athletics program, which means no football game.

Every year students engage in a full week of activities and fun, from dressing up with spirit, to playing lunch activities,to decorating our school halls, to the final day of homecoming.

Every year, students crowd Animo Jackie Robinson for the homecoming football game and to see the crowning of the Homecoming king, queen, princess, and prince.

Every year students from APB attend the annual Homecoming football game at Animo Jackie Robinson.

But next year, that all will likely change. ”Due to the fact that we might not be allowed to join Animo Jackie Robinson next year, we are looking for options with the CIF to see if we can join sports with another school” said principle Josh Hartford.

“Most charter schools do not have a sports team but they still have plenty of events on homecoming week” Mr. Hartford said, when asked if there was no sports team next year will the homecoming week be cancel.

Students at APB said that homecoming has been a positive part of life for students.

“It’s mostly about our school showing our school spirit and almost every year it gets better and better,” senior Willy Nerio said.

Not only seniors who have been a part of the school for four years and are about to graduate believe that homecoming has been a success every year; juniors, and sophomores as well.

Sergio Aceves, a junior at APB, said homecoming is the time to show all your school spirit. “Before homecoming they were whatever about the school and after homecoming they are showing their spirit even more” Sergio said.

Homecoming week is also for students to engage in the school activities. Willy participates in all the school activities because this is his last year at APB and he wants to have memories he will carry on.

Students who have more than one year left of high school would like to have the tradition of homecoming week to continue. “I still have two year left” said Mauricio, sophomore at APB, “And i still want to participate on some of them because I haven’t participated the ones this year.”

Since APB might not have its athletic sports next year, this brings many downside on students. “I wouldn’t like the fact that they would not have a homecoming game because in my opinion that’s what everybody looks forward to and it wouldn’t be the same without the homecoming football game.

Although there is this possibility out there, that does not change the fact that there is not going to be a homecoming week. Students are still able to show their school spirit and participate in school activities.


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