Lady Monarchs are back to take the lead

This year’s volleyball season began September 24, 2012 and will end on October 24, 2012, depending if the ladies make it to playoffs. The team has thirteen players; two from APB and eleven from AJR. Starting from grades tenth through twelfth: three sophomores, six juniors, and four seniors.
This seasons volleyball team has been incredibly competitive. It’s only the beginning of the season and the ladies are already taking over.
They have been playing well and the team has become more prepared and more competitive. “Our team is pretty decent and well prepared” Junior Maribel Morales said.
As a well organized team, the girls are also there to help each other out.
“The practices gives us preperation for our games” Senior Cristina Amaya said.
This season’s team is confident that they can make it to the playoffs with their hard work and dedication. “I am confident about my team, we have a decent team and it’s getting better” Cristina said.
When playing sports and having to deal with school is really challenging for the girls. “It is really hard to maintain my grades, it requires me to do better but the passion I have for this sport motivates me to do well” Cristina said.
Having to play such a difficult sport the ladies feel a lot a pressure upon them. “I feel a lot of pressure because it’s my second year playing and they expect more from me” Cristina said.
Besides having a lot of pressure put upon them , they also get nervous before starting their game. “The first games we played I was nervous but I’m getting used to it as time goes by, when we play home games I feel better and more comfortable” Maribel said.
With all this pressure, the ladies need to have some time to relax . The ladies do a special technique with their team before starting their game. “All the girls get in a circle and stretch, then we do a cheer” Cristina said.
Every sport is dangerous. There is always a possibility that a player can get injured, mostly depending in the position they play in. “Luckily I haven’t gotten injured but, I’ve gotten bruises” Maribel said.
For many of the players in this season it’s there first time playing volleyball. “This is my first year playing this sport and I enjoy it a lot” Maribel said. But some of the ladies have past experience. “I have been playing volleyball for two years” Cristina said.
There is certain things that influence the girls to play volleyball like keeping their grades up and maintaining a certain GPA and also the encouragement that they get from their peers. “Cassy and I wanted to join a sport, so we decided to get in volleyball and since then I’ve continued to play” Cristina said.
Some players consider being in next seasons volleyball team. “ I want to be in the team next season because I enjoy playing volleyball” Maribel said.
Other players are devastated that they will not be able to be in the next seasons volleyball team due to the fact that they will be graduating. ”I would love to be in the team next season, but I can’t because I am graduating” Cristina said.
This year Cristina is looking forward to graduating and attending college. The colleges that she is applying to this year are: Cal State Long Beach, Cal State Northridge, and Channel Island and there all located in the State of California.
The season is almost ending and the ladies have experienced so many things throughout the year like getting to know each other and learning new skills.. “I became more social with people and volleyball teached me to communicate with others” Cristina said.
Every team sets a goal at the beginning of the season, hoping that by the end of the season their goal is accomplished. Many of the goals they set is either for their team or personally for themselves. Maribel and Cristina both shared a goal they set for either themselves or the team. Goal #1: “My goal is to try and win every game and get better at volleyball” Maribel said. Goal #2: “My goal is for our team to make it to 2nd round of playoffs” Cristina said.
This seasons volleyball team has been incredibly outstanding! The ladies began amazing and are continuing to do perfectly fine. All of practice, the stress, and the pressure has all paid off. The girls must be very proud of themselves, they played a great season.

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