APB Basketball team

Boys Basketball

Animo Ralph Bunche L 26-36
Animo Jackie Robinson W 41-37
Animo Ralph Bunche L 27-37
APB Staff L 61-76


Girls Basketball

Animo Ralph Bunche L 28-36
Animo Jackie Robinson W 18-16
Animo Ralph Bunche L 15-17
APB Staff L 61-76

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“We improved a

a lot as a team,

but we still have a

lot of work to do for

next season.”

-Anthony Alcala, 11th Grade

photo (10)

“The basketball team

showed a huge

improvement from

last season. We did

really good, and I’m

proud of everyone.”

-Martin Arreguin, 12th Grade

photo (17)

“This season, I really

want to have an

improvement in my

game. As a 12th

grader, I won’t be here

next season, so I

want to make the

best of this season.”

-Sam Ramirez, 12th Grade

photo (11)

“This season, I was

really impressed

with my team

because everyone

improved drastically.

I’m looking toward on

winning more next season.”

-Brian Rivas, 11th Grade

photo (13)

“Basketball has

drastically improved

my life, exponentially

expanding my life


-Sigifredo Soto, 11th Grade


“My girls and I grew

very close like a big

family. We learned a

lot of new moves that

should help us out next


-Stephanie Estevez, 10th Grade

photo (14)

“I love my basketball

girls! As a team, we

improved a lot!”

-Emily Martinez, 10th Grade

photo (12)

“I learned how to

work as a team and

look toward playing

with them next season.”

-Viviana Martinez, 9th Grade

photo (15)

“We learned a lot

of new things. We

all grew closer. We

enjoy working

together as a team.”

-Yahaira Martinez, 10th Grade

photo (16)

“We became really

close as a team

and a family. We

learned many new

things and

improved a lot.”

-Yazmin Trujio, 11th Grade



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