Battle 4 Los Angeles

By Miguel Verduzco, Gerardo Rocha, Esteban Gomez
Raiders / Chargers / Rams

The wait is over, the Oakland Raiders, the St. Louis Rams, and the San Diego Chargers have filed relocation for Los Angeles. Angelenos have been waiting for an NFL team since the Raiders left after the 1994 season, and the wait is officially over. A new stadium will be built by 2019 in Inglewood, California. Rams will play in the Coliseum until their $1.86 billion dollar stadium is built.

Commonly, owners of various sport franchises have threaten to leave cities due to the fact of wanting a new stadium upgrade. Cities are forced to spend millions sometimes billions of public spendings on these stadiums, while the owner pays for nothing but obtains all the revenue. This creates a monopoly among the owners. The owner’s request new stadiums from the city, and if denied they would threaten to leave. ┬áIn a video, John Oliver pointed out that 12 billion dollars were spent on 51 new facilities that opened between 2000 and 2010. He said that taxpayers will be paying almost two-thirds of the cost of the arena in Detroit, $283 million. Two ideas of stadiums have been announced to the public which is either to build it in Carson or Inglewood. Locals have to take in consideration that although building the new stadium in their communities would be great, but it will increase traffic.

The Rams were the first NFL team to play for Los Angeles, it’s been 21 years and we finally have a team. The Rams have to take into consideration that they are playing for our city. Taking advantage of Los Angeles would spark an outrage for fans. If we are expecting them to come play for Los Angeles they should be grateful. Many NFL fans are emphasizing that the Chargers should stay in San Diego. For instance, Ms. Roselman, chemistry teacher, is a fan of the Rams because her hometown is St. Louis. She insisted that the Chargers should stay in San Diego where they belong. Esteban Espino stated that he hopes that the Chargers will not come, so that the Raiders will.

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