SuperBowl 50

Super Bowl 50

by: Gerardo R, Esteban G


It’s that time of the year again, Super Bowl parties and BBQs on Sunday evenings. Football season is officially over, no more Sunday football, which will be miss. This year brings a highly anticipated game between the Carolina Panthers and the Denver Broncos. For the first time in NFL history, this matchup brings two drafted overall number one quarterbacks: Cam Newton and Peyton Manning.

This will most likely be Peyton Manning’s last NFL game. He will leave behind a hall of fame career, while Cam Newton hopes to add to his MVP season with a Super Bowl win. The Broncos are the underdogs in this matchup, since their offense has been struggling, but their defense is the best in the league; their defense is ranked 4th in fewest points allowed. Mr Brown P.E teacher here at APB said that “hopefully the Broncos take the win because it is Peyton Manning’s last game, and I would like to see Manning go out as a winner”. However, the Panthers lead the league’s in highest scoring offense and has led the league in interceptions. After interviewing Joel Castro, he said he is rooting for the Panthers because he dislikes Peyton Manning and his State Farm commercials.   

To add on, the Broncos have yet to play a rushing quarterback like Cam Newton, who has 12 rushing touchdowns so far. Anthony Valdez a senior here at APB said that “I’m rooting for the Panthers because they are having a great season”. Although, people should not doubt Peyton Manning because he beat Ron Rivera in Super Bowl XLI when Rivera was the defensive coordinator for the Bears. Anthony also said that the Broncos will definitely have a chance of winning due to Petyton Manning and their defense. This matchup will be a great one to watch overall. Mr. Brown said that he hopes for an exciting and close game. Sunday will decide whether Cam Newton and his team will continue to Dab or whether Peyton Manning will retire with another ring.

Aside from the game, the half-time show and commercials are features the interest many fans. This year, the half-time show includes Coldplay with their guests Beyonce and Bruno Mars. Joel Castro senior here at APB said that he will not watch the half-time show because he does not know who Coldplay is and feels that Beyonce is always in the half-time show. He added, “let’s just hope that the lights don’t go out”. The commercials draw in many viewers. Anthony Valdez said that he is looking forward to the commercials.

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