Cristiano Ronaldo’s best year

By: J Felix Pacheco

cristiano-ronaldo-ballon-dor-2016_4wsdeh3tdgmv1kkx1st3bx3ls.jpg (620×430)

2016 could’ve easily been Cristiano Ronaldo’s greatest year. He had nothing but success in his path. In all, we could say that there wasnt any person in the world which such high accomplishments in 2016. Unless you made an estimate of 1 billion on a lifelong deal with nike, or won two awards for being the best soccer player in the world, you could compare yourself. Pat Brown senior, Daniel Rios says, “As a fan, im very proud, with him winning all those individual trophies and club cups”. Ronaldo has now won his 4 ballon d’or and is now stepping on Messi’s tail as he has 5. Ronaldo has also signed deals in 2016 that will produce millions for him. One being a huge contract with Real Madrid, an even bigger deal with Nike, and did I mention apart from that, in 2016 he made his own brand of high class clothing? Just like Billy Mays said, “but wait, there’s more!”, not only was he awarded for his individual talent but he was also awarded with his team as a whole. He scored the winning penalty of the champions league and and scored plenty of goals to make the club world cup an easy dub. Ronaldo is getting old now that he’s in his 30’s but David Rios says, “Hopefully he surprises us and comes in as the highest goal scorer of La Liga again”. So expectations are set high for this world class player. With all this said, hopefully he keeps it up because just like David said, “he was the greatest player of 2016 but there will be chances for another to come and take that place.”


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