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By: Carlos S, Gerardo R

November is right around the corner and people are ready to buy their turkeys and holiday materials. However, many do not realize that November is a month where people grow facial hair to support prostate cancer through an annual event called Movember. What is prostate cancer? Prostate cancer is a cancer that only affects older men and usually this cancer begins in cells that make and release mucus and other fluids. Medicines that help treat this horrible disease are: proton pump inhibitors, salicylates, and many other prescribed drugs. In addition, another treatment is surgery, which includes removing all or part of the prostate. The kind of operation a patient might obtain depends on the size of the tumor. Despite of all these treatments, there really isn’t a cure for prostate cancer, which leads us the special contribution called Movember. Here at school student council is organizing an event to help donate money to a prostate cancer organization.

Some of the people at Animo Pat Brown Charter High School have some knowledge of what Movember is. For example, Maria Flores said that Movember is necessary when she uttered, “Without Movember there would not be a movement to fundraise money.” This shows that without fundraisers we will not have a way to support people diagnosed with prostate cancer. To add on, senior Anthony Valdez said “I feel strong about cancer because there are many people out there suffering with prostate cancer”. Furthermore, one of the teachers here at APB, Ms.Bruski said “Movember is a good cause since prostate cancer could affect any male in any community”. This means that Movember was created to help people with prostate cancer feel connected with those who care about them no matter what they go through. So let’s come together and make someone with prostate cancer feel special.

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