Meet Martha the Custodian

By Alexis Sanchez, Kimberly Herrera, Diana Aceves

Martha Lozano is the reason that our campus is always kept clean.

Martha’s daily routine begins with cleaning the bathrooms before the students come into the school, then she works her way into the kitchen, cleans outside, and comes in during the afternoon to clean the restrooms again. After lunch, she goes outside to clean the benches.

One thing Martha wants students to do in order to keep the campus clean is to not overflow  the trash cans because it is difficult for her to throw it away.

Martha would appreciate it if students would clean up after themselves after having lunch and help maintain the restrooms to be as clean as possible to make her job easier.

Moreover, art teacher, Paul Botello, enjoys thanking Martha for her help. Mr. Botello likes to acknowledge all the work she does because he likes when others acknowledge him.

“She’s a hardworking person,” said Botello. “She is my role model. She has a very humble job, but she is doing it for her family and that is what I admire.”

Before working at APB, she worked cleaning houses. Martha has been working here for the past 3 years.

On her free time, Martha enjoys to relax and take care of her grandchildren. Martha is married. She has 4 children and 5 grandchildren.

Martha began working at APB through a company that assigned her to the school. So far, she enjoys it, “working among teenagers relieves my stress,” said Martha.

Martha enjoys the atmosphere Animo Pat Brown which is why she chose to work here. APB is the first school Martha has worked at.  Although she doesn’t know the majority of student’s names, she has many conversations with them.

“Even though I don’t know everyone’s name, I know who they are,” said Martha, “I enjoy talking to the students, they make my job worth it.”

APB seniors, Kayla Michel and Carlos Rodriguez, said that they would like to know about her family, her story. Martha has been at APB for quite a while and she is a very humble and social person. Carlos says he thanks her all the time. “She is a real nice conversation starter.” Students at APB feel very glad to have Martha as APB’s custodian.

Students should take some time to thank Martha in the hallways for providing a safe and clean environment at school.


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