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College_board_logo.svgby Silvia Padilla and Carlos Ruvalcaba


The SAT is a test that will prove great importance to many Pat Brown students. The difference in score can determine whether you get admitted to that dream college, or merely your second choice. Thanks to organizations like “College Spring” Students in Animo are getting practice tests to prepare for this scary test, but will all the practice be beneficial with the new SAT that current 11th Grade Gryphons will be taking?


The College Board, involvement of the SAT, will have a new test which will be even more difficult and confusing. Though, the reading section will remain the same and the percentage of word problems will also remain the same. Students would be even more stressed out and worried if they will have a difficult time having a decent SAT score. In the new SAT, the short sentence-completion questions have been replaced by longer reading passages rather than testing a student’s logic and vocabulary.


According to Anemona Hartocollis, College Board stated that the new test was created for college admissions officers and high school guidance counselors for an exam that which students were learning in school.


With the new SAT being slightly more difficult than the original, it doesn’t change the fact that Pat Brown students will still have a rigorous time taking the exam as they always do. “ I don’t really understand that content that is being tested.” says Andrea Hernandez, Junior in Pat Brown. “So if the test is getting harder, I will feel pretty dumb because I already get most of the questions on the PSAT wrong.


(Andrea Hernandez)


As Andrea says that the PSATs are infact hard, but our school has prepared for that by hiring mentors to help students to study and prepare for the actual SAT. “The mentors are indeed helpful” says Yadira Carrillo, a Junior also preparing for the SAT. “They’re are helping us review for things that we will see in the SAT and I feel more prepared with their help”


The SAT is coming quickly so Juniors, prepare for that test! Mentors are here to help and answers questions and guide you. Even though the SAT may be getting a tad bit harder, with commitment and hard work, everyone can get high scores and do great!

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