Breathalyzer at Prom ?

BY : Karina Gonzalez, Mitchelle Aguilar, Daniela Ramos

Mr. Reed Ft. Breathalyzer

As we wrap up the last few weeks of school the seniors on campus and all around the nation are preparing for their last dance – prom. Animo Pat Brown’s prom will be held the 27th of May, a big question has risen, should breathalyzers be used at prom? Is this an invasion on one’s privacy? Is it something students should be offended by? Does APB staff trust its students or not?

Mr. Reed was asked, “Will there be breathalyzers at prom?” He simply turned towards his desk, pulled out a breathalyzer kit, and said, “we’re gonna have good, sober fun.” Staff and teachers want to make sure students enjoy prom in a safe and responsible manner.

Students at APB understand it is concerning to staff and teachers, but some may disagree with this matter. Diana Aceves,senior here at APB, had mixed emotion towards the use of breathalyzers at prom. On one hand she completely understands the worry that the staff feels. Yet she would, “feel like they don’t trust us enough but they should because we’re responsible students.”  Students understand that if they are hurt at prom the school may be responsible, they are under the school supervision. Diana says, “It’s a safety precaution, I understand why the school decides to do this. They don’t want students to drink and drive.” In some sense the students completely agree it is for their safety, but they don’t feel the need for the school to take these extreme measures of using a breathalyzer at a school event.

Students at APB understand the school’s concerns, but senior Mario Cortez shares, “I think some people are gonna feel uncomfortable about it, but there isn’t anything wrong about it.” The students feel that they have attended the school long enough for teachers and staff to know them and their habits at this point. Senior Frank Ponce expresses he would be mad if teachers assumed he is under the influence when he truly was not.

The students at APB are very understanding for the concern of the school, but most students feel that it is not necessary for APB to use a breathalyzer on anyone. Students believe that the breathalyzer should only be used if there is a student who shows they are clearly under the influence.

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