By: Erika Tejada and Betzy Antonio

The clock strikes 11:25, you collect your school supplies and exit the classroom, ready to enjoy the school lunch. As you walk down the hallway you spot a couple in the secluded corner, standing extremely close to one another, breaking the “Are Your Feet Gross?” rules. They are in direct eyesight of multiple students yet feel no shame. It has become routine to see these couples publicly exchanging saliva in a gruesome manner. This occurs continuously, in the same location, and daily.


Most of the couples are not shy,nor care that they are making others uncomfortable as they frequently stay near classroom doors. This means that teachers have no choice but to witness this inappropriate behavior. Teachers understand the reason behind the kissing but think students should be less graphic. Ms. Siemientkowski, a teacher who has witnessed students kissing outside her door said, “It’s super disgusting. I do not like it at all but I’m not thinking derogatory or negative things about them”. Teachers don’t view the students as disgusting but instead think that students should improve their behavior. Ms. Siemientkowski also added, “If you wouldn’t make out like that in front of your parents, why would you do that in front of your teachers”. Teachers agree that students should be more discreet and less graphic out of respect for others.


Students had a different perspective on the issue. Greg Chaparro and some of his peers agreed  that it was not a problem because it is natural but that students should try to be more fast and clean about it. Yet, this is not the case for the majority, throughout all of lunch couples kiss in the halls. Sophomore, Maven Malvarado said, “It’s fine as long as you don’t take it to a certain level. I mean it’s in a couple’s nature. As long as it’s school appropriate, I don’t see a problem”. This being said, it is important to know that PDA is in fact, not school appropriate. Limits are not set and rules have become less strict and effective, allowing them to behave inappropriately throughout the school day.


Despite teachers and student having different views, they can all agree to the fact that it would be difficult to stop or control the PDA problem. This is due to the teensy-weensy space in APB’s school campus. Therefore, students no choice but to display this form of affection for all of us to spectate. Student PDA will continue to take place in APB until an effective form of discipline or prevention is applied.

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