APB’s Uniform

Juan wakes up in the morning and walks to his closet to see the black collared shirt, khaki pants, and black shoes waiting for him. He puts them on and continues his morning routine. On the other hand, George wakes up and heads to his closet with a attitude. He knows he has to wear the same old boring black collared shirt, khaki pants, and grey shoes. He complains to himself about having to wear uniform but still puts them on and continues his morning.

Animo Pat Brown has had the same uniform policy of a black polo shirt, khaki pants, shorts, and skirts, and black, white, or grey shoes. According to APB’s dress code, it states that they are trying to create a “safe, orderly, and academically focused environment”. The benefits of having school uniforms is that it can reduce distraction and students do not have to worry about peer pressure by thinking their classmates would judge them. But the problem with having uniform, is that students don’t get to express themselves.


Many students have different opinions about school uniform.

On the other hand, 11th grader Hector Gonzalez said,“I believe we should have the right to be able to wear whatever we want everyday.”

Although we do get days where we get to have free dress, it is not enough. Many students want to be able to have free dress every day. Other high schools do not even have a dress code and can be in free dress every day. An example would be South Gate High School which has no dress code and let the students wear what they want every day. Many students ask why we do not have free dress every day like them and that is because we are in different school districts, they are in LAUSD and we are a charter school. Although many of us wish we can have free dress everyday like other schools I can not see that happening.

On the other hand, 11th grader Nathan Juarez said,” I don’t really mind the school uniform it is ok”. Although the sound of choosing to wear whatever you want may sound amazing it really does not matter. Students like Nathan Juarez do not care about having a dress code or not as long as they get past the school day. Whether you like the school uniform or not, we students of Animo Pat Brown will have to deal with the same uniform until high school is over for them.


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