Back To School: Semester 2

By: Jasmine Minjarez and Paola Rodriguez

 Finals week is one of the most stressful weeks of every student. After that long week students can not wait to go to winter break for three weeks, while Greendot has two week of break. Then once again we’re back to school after two weeks. In some classes, you might see a few students fall asleep, classes are quieter than usual, or many  absent students.

 During the two weeks of break students’ sleeping schedules are messed up since they tend to fall asleep and wake up at whatever time they want. Due to that, students have a hard time going back to the school schedule when it is necessary. When interviewing junior, Nathaline Valdez, she said, “I feel tired because now I don’t get enough sleep. The only thing that is bad about coming back to school, is waking up early.”

Many student agree that the winter break should be longer and they felt like it was to short. However, we are told at the beginning of 9th grade that we only have two week of winter break, so that we can have two weeks of spring break. Sophomore, Devin Baeza said “I prefer 3 weeks of winter break because in the winter is when time with your family matters the most.”

 Teachers on the other hand believe that two weeks for each break is a better choice. 9th grade English teacher Ms. Siemntkowski said “I would be so angry if we went to three and one two two and two two is way better.”  

10th grade World History teacher Ms. Jang also said,also said, “I think 2 weeks is enough to feel rested, 3 weeks for winter break would be nice but it think one weeks for spring break would be too short.”

In disagreement with some students, Junior, Alberto Garnica said, “I was missing school, I could’ve been over here with my friends and learning something new everyday.”

It’s easy to say not everyone wants to come back from winter break. But, the two weeks for each break seems like a good deal for most. Some students just need to learn how to regulate their sleeping schedule better, considering it mostly affects students instead of teachers.

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