The Overcrowded Restroom at APB

By: Marlene Cazarez

It’s Tuesday afternoon and the clock strikes 3:05 pm, you rush to the restroom to get a chance to get a stall before everyone else, but then you stumble upon dozens of girls crammed inside. You try to squeeze into a stall to avoid changing in front of the other girls or being exposed every time the door to the bathroom opens. With all the commotion going on in the restroom, you end up changing in a corner, to not deal with waiting in a long line for the restroom stall.

There have been many complaints over the girls restroom constantly being crowded. Many are well aware that the reason for the restroom being overcrowded is because of all that goes on after school. Some use the restroom to handle business or have a place where they can change in order to get to their clubs on time, though it is impossible with over 20 girls in a single restroom with 8 stalls.

When going out to ask how students who used the restroom to change felt, junior Melanie Alarcon said, “Well it kind of sucks because there’s two restrooms so why won’t they  open both?” Melanie said the restroom was packed because, “There’s a lot of stuff going on like ARC stuff and SRLA. Mondays and Wednesdays is volleyball and softball, Tuesdays and Thursdays is SRLA and softball, and Fridays it’s just softball.” With all this going on all week it leads to girls having to change in front of others or almost peeing their pants.

Some students were quick to give a solution to the abundance of girls in the restroom. “I think we should be allowed to use the teachers restroom or make more restrooms so that girls could change,” said junior, Melanie Alarcon. Senior, Jocelyne Lemus also mentioned, “The school itself is really small but I wouldn’t mind having a room where like people have their privacy to change, you know.” If this were to actually be done we would be able to avoid all the traffic in the restroom and we wouldn’t have girls almost peeing their pants.

For all who didn’t know, the reason there’s only one restroom open is to avoid creating a mess in both restrooms. “Martha and Rebecca close the restroom at 2 after cleaning them so that they won’t get anymore dirty,” said Mr. Garcia. At the end of the day there is nothing that is going to be done about the restroom situation. There will continue to be a long wait for the restroom stalls in order to avoid double the mess.

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