Peer Pressure

By: Abigail Jimenez, Angela Acosta, & Anabel Ocampo

Peer pressuring is a term that is frequently used to describe students pressuring their peers into doing things they may not want to do, whether it be something good or bad. Although teens are mostly influenced into negative peer pressure where they face bad consequences, there is also positive peer pressure where teens receive benefits from their actions. A few obvious actions from negative peer pressure would be getting involved into drugs and alcohol, gangs, skipping school, fighting, bullying, etc. Some may also not realize that they are also persuaded into positive peer pressure such as being honest, avoiding drugs and alcohol, respecting each other, exercising, working hard, being nice, etc. It is important to know how students are falling into peer pressure and how to avoid the negative ones.

One anonymous junior said, “Yes, they made me smoke weed. I immediately regretted it, I was coughing and crying, and I almost got caught. All my friends were telling me to ‘just do it, you are going to feel cool.’In that moment I regret it but now I feel like it a cool feeling. I’ll be down to do it again.”

Although we did find some students who have experienced positive peer pressure. For example junior Ayleen Lopez said, “I’m really lazy and procrastinate a lot, so my friends always peer pressure me to do my work. The benefits of positive peer pressure is that I am able to do my homework and I get good grades.”.

“I have felt into peer pressure when my friends told me me to ditch school, a I ended up missing a test we had. I would not do it even if they asked me to because there’s no point, my grades would have gone down bad,” said junior Bryant De La Cruz.

Senior Isaac Jimenez said, “Some of my friends have tried to make me to do drugs or drink alcohol, but I didn’t do it.” He also said, “I could have gotten caught by police or my parents, and I could have become addicted to it.” Luckily, Isaac has experienced positive peer pressure,, “Now since I’m a senior my parents are pressuring me to go to college and telling me to get good grades so you can become successful in life. Some benefits are when I grow older and make money, I will be able to help my parents and do what I want, just be myself.”

Senior Angel Carrosco, said that he’s pressured from his parents to do good and be better, “Parents positively pressure you to do your best, to have successful in life. You become pressured and stressed by your parents to get a  higher education.”

All in all, peer pressure can be a good and bad thing. Some people may push you to do better, but then there might be some that influence you negatively. Parents or friends push you to do better so you can become successful. Don’t do things you aren’t comfortable with or just to look cool in front of your friends, surround yourself with people who help you do better and become a better person.

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