Importance of Sanitation

By: Angela Acosta, Anabel Ocampo, Abigail Jimenez

Growing up, we are taught about the importance of cleanliness. We learn that we need to wash our hands after touching anything dirty, to cover your mouth and nose when you sneeze, to clean your home regularly, etc. These simple tasks are important to our day to day lives as they prevent diseases and illnesses. However, there are many students that slack on these tasks, much like the consistent contact between their hands and face after they touch the tables, which are not always sanitized.  

Now that flu season is here, the school recently began to sanitize the computer keyboards and even set up hand sanitizer stations. Although this is a partial solution to sickness in the winter, why not continue these precautions all year long? We asked students about the importance of sanitation and how they are affected by it.

Junior Alberto Garnica said, “I wash my hands after everytime I use the restroom, I’ve never got sick from poor hygiene. I do think that the school is sanitary, considering that it’s mostly clean.” .

Sophomore Esmeralda Garcia said, “I wash my hands after I eat or use the restroom, and I’ve never got sick from poor hygiene. I suggest that students use the hand sanitizers throughout the school more often.” .

Sophomore, Carlos Ramirez, also said, “This school is sanitary, the janitors do a really good. I think it should be more clean in the benches where we eat because sometimes it’s dirty.” Junior Jaqueline Silva said, “I wash my hands very often.This school is very sanitary, even more so since the hand sanitizer stations have been added, and it is very clean.” .

Finally, freshman Anthony Garcia said, “I wash my hands like five times a day. Yeah, I do believe this school is sanitary since we have gotten the hand sanitizer stations, and I have not seen a lot of people sick. I think we should have more hand sanitizers by the lunch area.”

Overall, students should be more sanitary in order for them to improve their health and maintain good hygiene. Schools play a big role of helping students stay healthy as they are in charge of encouraging students to be more clean. Therefore, the school should take some of the student’s opinion into consideration to help keep students healthier and the school more sanitary.

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