College Acceptances

By: Estefanie Aquino and Emmanuel Tovar

Senior year is not only about getting ready to leave high school but it is also about getting ready to decide for your future. Senior year students start applying for college in their first semester and start emotionally preparing for college acceptance letters or rejection letters in second semester. Many have the option of having more than one school to choose from, where as others already have in mind which college they would like to attend but it all depends whether they get accepted or not.

One senior we interviewed was Teresa Vasquez and when we asked her about how she felt about having college acceptances over with, she answered, “I feel happy because if I get accepted I will be the first in my family to attend college.” So for many seniors applying to college is a big step in there life and means so much to them. Another question we asked her was how she feels about college acceptances being sent to applicants this month and she responded “I feel anxious, I just want to know if I got in or not.”

Another senior we interviewed was Isaac Jimenez. We asked him what his dream school is, he answered, “My dream college is Cal Poly Pomona.” Cal Poly Pomona being a pretty competitive school to get into. We also asked if he had heard anything from Cal Poly, he responded, “No I haven’t but I’m very anxious.” This month for many students it will be the greatest of their lives or their worst.

As we come to the ending of senior year many are still frustrated because of their grades and not about college. In order to be fully accepted into the college our seniors must present their final senior grades for second semester and that will determine whether they will be attending the college they have selected. Life after high school is a questionable idea to many because we are becoming adults and starting to depend on our own. Everybody wishes to do the best, so they can accomplish many things in their lives and have a successful future.

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