Before Prom

By: Estefanie Aquino, Veronica Coria-Gomez, Emmanuel Tovar

Animo Pat Brown seniors are getting prepared for a night they will never forget. May 19,  2018 Animo Pat Brown seniors will be having their enchanted forest theme prom at Hollywood Banquet Hall and many are excited, while others are not planning to attend.

Prom time is when students  either spend months shopping for the perfect outfit, or not because they just do not care of how they will look. As prom is getting closer, some people get stressed with the amount of stuff they still have left to do. For some students that already have their clothes ready for prom, we asked them how much they have spent for their outfits and so far the highest amount of money students have spent is $200 while others have spent nothing at all.  An anonymous senior states that she will be attending prom and that she is prepared. She also said, “I feel excited to attend this last event, and trying new foods.” As some may know or may not know, this year prom will be having Armenian food available. However some are still not prepared this is what they had to say “I still have to make some adjustments to the dress and need to buy makeup, I wasted about $200.” A month ago Jocelyn felt excited about prom but now she feels annoyed. She heard about the food that was going to be presented and she hopes it’s good and that she has nothing against it.

When we asked senior who wanted to remain anonymous  what she thought about the prom venue she answered,“Although some may feel that the banquet is to small, class of 2018 is a small class so that is fine.” As seniors are trying to get by such as keeping their grades up, giving presentations, and having everything organized for graduation.  This year’s prom our top 3 nominees for prom king and queen are Jackelyn Amaya and Alan Fuentes, Gabriela Leyva and Alexis Martinez, and Jacqueline Hernandez and Daniel Rios. Who will win? We will have to wait to see the day of prom, but, we all wish luck to our prom king and queen nominees. .

As the day gets closer the more excitement can be seen from the seniors or for some it is frustration and stress because they have still have yet to buy their outfit for the night. Prom is going to a night to never forget, it will be one the most enjoyable nights students can ever have and may the best couple win.

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