APB’s Food

By: Mindy Larios

Where does APB’s food come from? Who cooks the food that students eat? Is the food even cooked? Or are they served microwavable food?

Maria and Hilda are the only two lunch ladies here at APB. Hilda arrives first at around 7 am. Shortly after, Maria arrives around 8:30 am and together they prepare APB’s lunches.  

          Maria (left) and Hilda (right).

 APB’s food comes from a food company called Better 4 You Meals. This company provides our school with its breakfast and lunch. The food that arrives to APB is fresh and already precooked. Once it reaches APB, Hilda and Maria heat it up in the schools’ oven. They tend to begin the heating at 10 am and aim to have it ready 30 minutes before students have lunch. Sometimes, they begin the preparing and heating earlier than usual, depending on what is being served. For instance, hamburgers and chicken nuggets take more time to make because of the large quantity that is needed. Cold foods such a sandwiches and chicken salads do take so much time because they do not need to be warmed up. An expectation of the daily food heating, are Pick Up Stix lunches because they are already prepared and brought in a warmer by the food company. Better 4 You provides Pick Up Stix lunches once a month, and tends to be students favorite along with pizza. Similarly, the schools breakfast goes through the same process.

              Enchiladas ready to be served.

All in all, although sometimes the food might not look so appetizing, everything is fresh and safe to eat. APB’s food takes time and a lot of work to make so if you plan on getting food, don’t waste it by throwing it directly in the trash. If you don’t like the food being served then simply don’t get it. You can still get fruit or milk without having to get the lunch.

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