Graffiti on the rise!



We have all seen how much graffiti has shown up this semester. There has been lots of graffiti found all over the campus for example: like in the restrooms, desks, laptops, and even at the front of the school. The amount of graffiti in the beginning was staggering and even though it has gone down, there is no guaranteed it will go away. The most common graffiti seen is gang related or profanity. When spoken to CSO Garcia, he said that graffiti has gone up, “Monkey see monkey do, all this graffiti is unacceptable we have a nice school here and we have to take care of it and respect everyone who maintains it clean.” It is not fair for Martha to be cleaning all the graffiti in the restroom. Martha states “some of the writing does not take off, whoever is doing it should stop” It is unfair that all this graffiti is making Martha’s job tough.  


Most of the time the graffiti is hateful towards the school and other students, sometimes even gang related.This needs to stop,  all this graffiti can stop with just one person. Telling Admin who it is and why they are doing it. We should try and keep our campus clean and pleasant. This should not be a problem from the start anyways, since we are in High School and we should be more mature and be mindful of others. We should respect our school the place that educates us, the place that helps us, the place that gives us a brighter future. We should not be treating the school and everyone who works here in this disrespectful way. School is basically our second home and for it to be written all over it is absurd. Martha says ”If you wouldn’t like your house being written all over, then why write around the school”. One way that all this graffiti can stop is just STOP and tell on whoever you see tagging.

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