Was APB ready for this rain?

Written by Sarai Flores and Edith Gutierrez

For the past week, we’ve seen students walk into school soaking wet from the rain and dragging their wet shoes across the floor. Packed inside with nowhere to sit down during our lunchtime. Was our school ready for a 4-day rainy schedule?

This rain has brought quite an effect on our school. Due to rain, there are been more traffic, more tardies, and many absences. These predicaments, thanks to the rain, have caused trouble not to the student but to teachers as well.

Mr. Sandoval has had a hard time facing this rain. “The only thing I don’t like is that it can affect traffic. It takes me longer to go home and longer to get here.” Not only does it affect teachers way of transportation, but it is worse for the student that do not have cars and are faced to walk or take public transportation.

Senior, Karen Plascencia, takes the bus every day to come to school, but with this rain, it has become more difficult for her.   

“It’s harder to come to school because then it starts raining and I have to wake up earlier because the buses come more infrequently”, Karen explained.

Not only is it more difficult for her to come to school but it has also been unsafe. When Karen walks to her house there have been many puddles that are too big to go over that sometimes she has to go around by going on the street.

“For people walking, there is a danger of cars not seeing them and running them over”, she stated.

But there can be a solution to some of our problems that are caused by the rain. Due to the increase of absences, Mr. Sandoval has thought of a resolution. “I think maybe something the school can do is have something sort of incentive so kids know that when they come to school on a rainy day they would be able to get some benefit or something nice for them”, Sandoval claimed. Should students be rewarded for coming to school during the rain?

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