Should APB install mirrors in the student restrooms?

By: Melanie Vital and Mac Manrique

“It would be nice to fix anything wrong with your face with a mirror at school” said Junior Christopher Reyna. restrooms in APB have no mirrors for students to look at themselves with. The reason why the school does not have mirrors installed for students is because when the school was built they forgot to buy the mirrors. They later realized that not having mirrors installed was actually a good thing because it was not a distraction for the students and students did not really complain about this.  Although the school does not get many complaints from students demanding mirrors several students and staff have different opinions on this.


Principal Brian Reed mentioned that having mirrors installed would cause too much distraction and waste the students time during passing periods. Similar to what Mr. Reed said, School Campus Custodian, Martha said that having mirrors installed would also be a bad idea because it would be something very dangerous. An example she gave was if there was to be a severe fight the mirror could break apart and cause injuries. She then commented on the fact that students already take a long time in the restroom. Imagine how much longer they would take if there were to be mirrors.


On the other hand, students think it would be a nice thing if mirrors were to be placed in the restroom. Junior, Carlos Ramirez said “if you have something on your face or hair it would be nice to see it on your own instead of being told by another student and be embarrassed by it”. Junior Samantha Velez, also liked the idea of having mirrors in the restroom because sometimes people can feel insecure about how they look and having the mirrors can help take that feeling away. Although many are in favor of mirrors, Junior, Abraham Gutierrez said, “It is a bad idea because it’s just something else students can vandalize”. He also added that if mirrors were to be added and vandalized, the boys would lose more privileges to the restroom.  


Mirrors have never been a part of APB and do not seem to have much of an impact on students, neither is it a popular demand. The school is not interested in installing something that can serve as a distraction to students or be a safety hazard. They also become another thing to vandalize and the school has enough issues on that topic. It’s safe to say that mirrors will not be coming to APB anytime soon.

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