SRLA Insight on Running the LA Marathon

Written by: Liliana Rodriguez and Jocelyn Carranza
Edited by: Jaime Reyes

The loud horn sounds, giving the signal to start running is what many people heard when starting the 2019 LA Marathon. APB students spend so much time and dedication training for this big day. It is very nerve wracking and exciting because many put their blood, sweat and tears for this run. Many go through so many mental and physical obstacles but still persevere and finish the marathon feeling more than accomplished.

Students have different experiences when training for the LA marathon, some are great and others go through so many struggles. Training for a marathon takes extreme commitment and dedication. Senior David Barreras shared his overall experience running the marathon, “The first 18 miles I really enjoyed it, it was super fun. The track was pretty good, but the last 7 miles… it was so bad…it was very painful… but overall it was an amazing experience even though it hurt really bad, it was something that was super fun.” Running for a long period of times can be painful towards the last few miles because your body is pushing itself, it’s what makes the marathon extremely challenging. When students are feeling the pain of running for a long period of time what really helps them push through and thrive is the support that friends and families give them.

While students run, parents and friends are invited to be in the sidelines cheering on the runners to keep on pushing through. Many parents take encouraging posters supporting their students. Senior Esmeralda Hernandez, stated that her physical and mental experience was very nerve wracking, “once I got tired and my legs started to ache, walking seemed more of an option then running…I already knew where I was going to start hitting the wall and I was just waiting for that specific mile to come.” The “wall” is that moment where you feel overwhelmed and ready to give up. During this moment there is so much pressure on students physically and mentally. But it can also be an encouragement and motivation to keep on going because the finish line is near.

Even though there are many struggles and obstacles it is always a memorable event. Esmeralda Hernandez continues in saying “On mile 25 ,like half a mile away from the finish line, there was this girl ready to walk to the finish line. She was crying and it looked like she was done but this lady kept pushing her and pulled her hand in order for the girl to run. It was memorable because it just shows that although there are people ready to give up we have others support to prove us that we’re capable for more.” Overall, running the marathon is very tough, but remember “Finish what you started” a memorable quote that senior Alexis Munoz expressed.

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