Has Edelman’s Maternity Leave Affected Juniors

By: Jennifer Romo, Samantha Velez & David Lopez

AP lang and English teacher Madeline Edelman has left for the rest of the school year to give birth. The entire junior class have been impacted.  Many interviews have been conducted to students on who will take Edelman’s place. After careful consideration, they chose a familiar face, Mr. Brustin to take the position.

Juniors dearly miss Ms. Edelman, especially AP lang students because of upcoming tests and finals. Juniors do not feel confident enough without her help even though Brustin is an excellent substitute. They just feel that they would do better if Edelman were still here since they have gotten used to her ways of teaching. Students are trying to make the best out of what they are learning.

One AP junior states he is worried for the upcoming AP exams because he was adjusted to Ms. Edelman’s way of teaching.  

However another AP junior, Maya Wence would disagree with their peer, “I am not upset that Edelman left. I’m kind of sad because we’re in the middle of taking AP tests”. Maya said, “The sub that replaced her is doing a good job of controlling the students but overall his teaching is really good.”

English substitute Mr. Brustin is excited to take over her class while she is on maternity leave. “I’m excited to see Edelman’s baby when she has the baby. She left very detailed notes and powerpoints, I think it is going to go okay” He believes it will feel a bit weird because of the transition of going from an actual teacher to substitute. “Most students seem to miss her but everything will stay the same as if she were here.”

APB staff wishes Edelman the best for her and her newborn.  One of Edelman’s good friends, Mr. Pickering stated, “Obviously it’s exciting, important, and a miracle of life. However, we are obviously going to miss her leadership in the English department.” He personally will miss someone he can talk about movies with.


Edelman’s maternity leave has impacted students and staffs in several ways. Many students do not believe in themselves without her teaching. Mr. Brustin is doing his best to take over the class, which is not easy. Everyone wishes the best and congratulates Edelman and her family!

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