What’s in Your Food?

Have you ever eaten school food? If you have then you’ll know that it is not the best option for sustenance, and this statement holds true for Animo Pat Brown. On April 30th, current senior Jorge Alvarez arrived to APB intending to eat the breakfast they serve their students.However this meal would a meal that Alvarez will never forget, as Alvarez took a bite out of his sweet bread- he bit into something very hard. Jorge then stuffed his finger in his small mouth and pulled out a small black object. He then tried to swallow it again thinking it was a raisin, but luckily local hero Yoalmo Guillermo Nava was there to perform the Heimlich maneuver and save Jorge’s life.

The couple then dissected the grainy food and found that the metallic object was a bolt. We asked Jorge Alvarez how he felt, he replied with a weak feeble voice “ Shit man, I didn’t like that at all man, I almost choked on that shit man, I was just trying to eat”. Jorge Alvarez was traumatized by the experience and swore, “Fuck that shit man!”

The issue here is not that some weird kid almost choked on a metal bolt, but that the school is given food that is not even thoroughly checked for items that can harm the student that have no choice but to eat the food. There are million of kids in the United States that are starving and eating mud cakes, they go to sleep hungry everyday. The students of Animo Pat Brown are no different. Many student run to the line, even when the school serves the most disgusting breaded chicken known to man, that just looks like a fecal matter on soggy lettuce.

Parents can’t feed their kids because they have to think about their own survival first. These kids need to fend for themselves and the school is willing to help but school is doing an inadequate job. The teacher are faring better because they are allowed to bring food, but when that runs out they are forced to eat the the pile of trash called Animo Pat Brown school lunch.

The school lunch is not high in nutritional content, some foods may even carry twice the amount of the average sugar a person should consume. Now the school lunch has toxic components that are harmful to the students and staff of the school. The school should take initiative and hire the health inspector Gadget so the lazy cooks at these evil factories can make a healthy and nutritious lunch. If Jorge Alvarez was smart enough he would have filed a suit against the school, Jorge could have gotten thousands in hush money or maybe even millions if he followed through with the suit, but instead he decided to keep it a secret. Alvarez said “I don’t want to start any trouble man, I’ll just throw it away”.  The APB students shouldn’t be scared to report the school. If we report the issue the school will have address it, improvement and progression is always best. So next you are eating the APB food, always double check for bolts.


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