Goodbye Class of 2019

By: Erlin Alvarado

Seniors are graduating June 5, 2019. That will be the last day the seniors of class of 2019 will step foot on APB campus, forcefully. (seniors are allowed to visit APB but that is just a choice).Four years of high school have came to an end for these students. Class of 2020 will take on the role of seniors in a couple of months, but how much will APB change with the new change in superiority.    

When asking senior, Alberto Molina, what his next steps after high school are he said, “I will be attending college to play college ball and hopefully get a job at the same time, most likely a part time job to focus on school and save up as much money as I can.” Alberto will continue going to school and will begin working. This future APB alumni will go on and start his future, leaving his roots in APB, once a gryphon, always a gryphon.       

Class of 2019 have been part of many events throughout these past four years, they have watched black goo come out of the restrooms, have experienced blackouts, have even witnessed many teachers move on from APB to furthermore their careers. Seniors of class of 2019 will go on to colleges, or even the workforce. This senior class will be attending colleges such as: CSUDH, CSULA, UCD, UCI, ECC, UC Berkeley, etc. Many good colleges will receive this senior class, this will be a big change for the seniors, APB is a small school and this sudden change of environment might just have an effect on the seniors. Students are going to have different experiences some might adapt, who knows.

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