Animo Pat Brown’s Senior’s Reflect and React to Their College Acceptances

As APB’s Graduation ceremony quickly approaches, Seniors reflect on their college acceptances and what they are going to do after high school.

By: Jose Sanchez

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It is officially the most exciting time of the year for seniors all over the country, it is the time where all their hard work and dedication over the last four years finally gets recognized as they start to receive college acceptance letters.

As expected, It should come to no surprise that most seniors were anxiously waiting for their college acceptance letters, especially those who attend APB. This year APB had a lot of acceptances from colleges and universities all over the country.

After a complicated senior year with lots of challenges and unusual circumstances this year seniors managed to push through and ultimately apply and get accepted. After the stressful process that is applying to colleges, financial aid and scholarships seniors are starting to see the fruits of their labor.

This year the college application process was a bit different compared to other years. Students were forced to complete their applications at home with limited help but thanks to the great counseling at APB many found the application process to be easier than expected. From templates to step by step how to videos, counselors made life easier for seniors and saved many headaches.

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This allowed students to fully focus on their school instead of stressing about all types of applications even though they probably still did. Most students aimed to finish strong this school year in order to not have any problems later on with their future school.

This said however, many seniors at APB felt mixed emotions about their college acceptances. Some were disappointed about not getting into their dream college and or university while others were more than happy that they have achieved getting into the school they have been working for during the past four years.

While some were sad about not getting into their dream college, others such as Senior, Isaac Diaz, was feeling upset that some of his friends did not get accepted into the same schools as him. He states “I was more bothered about the fact that I might not see some of my friends ever again instead of getting rejected from one of the schools I applied to.”

Friends aren’t the only thing that getting sacrificed after high school. Many start working in order to help pay for their education, others give up extracurricular activities , and some even have to sacrifice their family when they move away for school. This however is a risk most have to take in order to make the transition from high school to adulthood.

On the other hand, others were upset over the fact that they did not get into their dream schools more than not seeing their peers again. For example, one of APB’s seniors said “ Although losing some friends is somewhat saddening, the fact that I worked so hard and ultimately did not get into my first choice school hurt a bit more”.

APB Seniors celebrated choosing their school during APB’s Spirit week where they put a picture of the school as their zoom profile picture. This was a fun way for other students to show where they would be attending in the fall and the majority of students participated on this day of spirit week.

However with the new beginning in the fall comes an ending in the summer. Seniors are currently preparing for the cross over to their new endeavors no matter what they choose to do after highschool. This is facilitated and thanks to the great counselors and resources APB has to offer.

Many Seniors should be grateful for the resources given to them at APB as they start to figure out how easy they have it compared to other schools. When interviewing a senior from Prepa Tec High School they stated “ We have a limited number of counselors at our school and it is hard to get counseling sessions “.

In conclusion, APB seniors have come to the final stage of their high school experience with the help of counselors, staff and parents they have been able to achieve what they have been hoping they’d get. Everyone should be proud of where or what they’re going to do regardless of what others think especially with the unusual circumstances they hasd to go through.



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