How Senior Grades have Been affected by Quarantine

The image above is from an article called
“How remote learning has affected students 
learning environment and motivation levels”
by Kori Fay, Lizzie Bannister, Eric Lanton and Smith 
Dicken, written in May 1, 2020.
By: Xochilt Garcia & Jaqueline Pacheco

The image is from an interview they did on students that were in distance learning. One of the questions was, “I am working harder to maintain my grades since the Covid-19 pandemic”. In the image it shows that many of the students agreed with the statement.

Throughout the past year, many senior’s grades have dropped due to covid-19 and distance learning. Seniors were negatively impacted due to distance learning. Some reasons can be due to school being tougher and not having enough time. As well as there being distraction, taking care of their siblings, and having to work. 

In the survey we took, we got 13 responses from different seniors. About 46.2% (6 people) voted that they had mostly Bs in junior year and about 53.8% (7 people) voted mostly As. Then when we asked them about their senior grades, which is present, about 38.5% (5 people) mostly As, 15.4% (2 people) mostly Bs, and about 46.2% (6 people) voted mostly Cs. 

By looking at this we can determine that distance learning had a negative impact on the senior grades of APB. We can see this in the decrease in the grades comparing last year’s grades to this year’s grades.

In an article called “How Remote Learning Has Affected Students Learning Environment and Motivation Levels”by Kori Fay, Lizzie Bannister, Eric Lanton and Smith Dicken, they interview students and ask them questions related to distance learning. When the students were asked if covid-19 affected their learning negatively, about 57 people, which was 57%, strongly agreed.  

When they were asked, “I am doing better in school since the online switch because I am at home.” most of the students chose to disagree and strongly disagree. They were also asked if they felt more stressed out at home and about 63% chose to agree or strongly agreed.

Due to Covid-19 many students had to do distance learning which is doing school at home so covid-19 would not spread so much. Even though some people thought distance learning was going to be fun and easier, it wasn’t. It affected many people especially seniors since it is their final year in high school before leaving off to a college or university. 

 At a time like this many people overwork themselves and sometimes they don’t even realize it. This is why it is important for people to take care of themselves, including their mental health. People were not mentally prepared for distance learning and especially not a deadly virus. This is why people taking a break is very important to do frequently. 

Since the start of distance learning many seniors have lost motivation to do school work. Some tips on staying motivated are to figure out what you need to do, then figure out how you are going to solve that problem. Also try setting goals you can achieve and not goals that are way too difficult because then you will not feel like doing them. Another thing is to reward yourself after you achieve a goal whether it’s small or big, you can also think about how you would feel once you completed your goal.

Distance learning has been hard for seniors and it started to affect their mental health. Some things they can do as self care is sleeping, going on a walk, doing fun activities like a hobby, and more. Try doing things you love when you have time to. You can also take small breaks from doing homework and do something to bring up your mood so then you can continue working.

The image above is the result to a question 
asking Seniors if their academic drive has decreased 
due to quarantine. 

The image above depicts the majority of a Senior class stating that their academic drive has indeed gone down due to quarantine. When we asked the class if they would prefer to go back to school, almost all of them said yes. 

Distance learning due to quarantine has  had many negative effects on the graduating Seniors. They had to lose a lot of Senior activities but as more people begin to get vaccinated there begins to be hope of future Seniors to be at in person school.


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