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The student news site of Animo Pat Brown Charter High School

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A look back at student council through the years

Annual circus, Valentine grams, D.I.Y holiday gifts, movie screenings and more.

By Albert Floreano and Jose Hernandez

Students working on posters on the floor. Ms. Lee overseeing student work.
Ms. Lee, former English teacher, now Drama teacher has filled the mantle of Student Council leader.


Student Council have come a long way, planning and executing the events at Animo Pat Brown Charter High school; as a result, here are highlights of their success and events during the last 4 years.

After the hectic one year and eight months of hindering afflicted lifestyles, the school’s inhabitants suffered greatly; not simply physically but emotionally, mentally, spiritually.

Looking back at previous years, the students of the student council hosted a handful of events, dances and holiday-related activities for the students to participate in.

December of 2018, the student council created purchasable D.I.Y Christmas gifts for the young to share their jolly spirit. The same month, the student council hosted the masquerade dance which was said to be the, “best dance of the year.”

October 2018, Halloween Day, the students were permitted to bring their costumes to celebrate that day. Additionally, a costume contest was held and to whom had the best costume, was granted a special prize for their efforts. Furthermore, there was a screening of a scary movie after school.

May of the 2019-2020 school year, an annual circus was held on the school grounds with various games, appetizing foods and exclusive rewards able to be obtained by participating!

The 2020-2021 school year where classes were held on zoom, few events were conducted due to the restricting virus; among the events were Spirit week, movie screenings and Halloween goody bags being handed out during Halloween of that year.

Tiffany Palioungas, former student council leader during the 2018-2019 school year, left APB, relinquishing her role and handing down the legacy to former language arts teacher, now Drama teacher, Ms. Lee.

As of today, Ms. Lee has served as Student Council leader for a whole year. For the 2021-2022 school year, much anticipation is in the air for the unexpected forthcoming events. “School spirit, bonding, and getting along are the basis of a great community.” said the student council affiliated Senior.

With the aforementioned return of the students, harmony, enthusiasm, and unity may reign upon the school once again.  With the year only getting better and better, and with covid-19 soon to be defeated, it is worth investing anticipation into this school year.

Be ready for exciting events, activities, dances, and so much more hosted by the courteous student council.


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