Mariners Apartment Complex

Many artists in their career have a change in style, which is not uncommon. Personally, I have noticed that Lana Del Rey always has a different sound with each album she has released. Which gives her music uniqueness in order to prevent having her albums sound repetitive. Del Rey has written all her songs by herself or with someone with the exception of several songs she has made covers to. In overall, the thing that makes all her songs unique is that all her songs are stories. She has said in several interviews that each of her songs tells a story that not necessarily is about her. Which is something that I find incredible because her songs are like small romance novels. Many of her songs are about some personal feelings or even experiences, but most of them are just stories she gets inspired to tell. Del Rey has evens said she is first a writer than a singer, which shows her music is more than just hit songs in a chart but actual art.

Lana Del Rey, like most artists, drops a single before the entire album. Which is nothing new, but since her albums are all different and tell a story, the new single usually give fans a hint of the new sound. Mariners Apartment Complex was released on Septemeber with a music video. Listening to the song for the first time in a loud room did not sound good nor did it gave me the chills or emotions Lana’s music usually gives me. When I got home that day and listened to it in a quiet place, it gave me this peace and image of the story behind the song. The song itself speaks of a girl who is telling their partner that they should not feel afraid of the love they have for them. That maybe she not may be in the best state emotionally since she speaks about having her “darkness and deepness” which defines who she is. It a song about deep emotions that both have that make them compatible with each other. The girl can help her partner out of feeling lost and their sins. As well, as her partner is the only one that understands that what makes her herself is how sad she is. The song is like a confession telling her partner how much she admires that person for who they are and their flaws. To stay with her and not keep looking because she is the one for that person.


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