APB eliminates school busses

The buses of Animo Pat Brown have been cut for the new school year. About 5 to 6 students left APB due to the elimination of the buses. The students currently attending APB live closer to the school, therefore; school buses are no longer needed.

Although the buses were mainly for the seniors of 2011, many other students also rode the bus. “I would say about 25 to 30 students rode the bus who were not seniors last year”, office assistant, Aida Avila said.

The main reason the buses were removed, was because it was too costly to maintain them. Not many students were going to ride the bus this school year. “The buses cost $60,000 per bus, per year” Aida said.

The removal of the buses has affected many students both before and after school.

Senior Emanuel Ramírez, a senior at APB, said he can no longer rely on the school to take him to school or bring him back home.

“Before I would usually leave on the late bus, and not really have to worry about transportation home,” Emanuel said. “But now I must call someone from home to pick me up or take me to school. That costs gas money”

Although Emanuel said he relied on the buses in previous years, he does not think the school should bring them back.

“Although I miss the bus, I believe that it would only be a waste of money,” Emanuel said. “There’s only a handful of students that would actually take the bus, hence, it would be selfish on our part to get the buses back because it would cost too much money for a few students.”

With the elimination of school buses, students who relied on them are finding other ways to get school, including public transportation such as the Metro and the bus.

Some students object to having to pay for public transportation to come to school.

Junior Jordy Flores said he spends six dollars a day, 30 dollars a week, on public transportation. “I’m wasting a ton of money,” Jordy said.

Jordy takes one bus and the metro. He gets up at 6:10 everyday and has to leave his house by 7. He takes the 105 which he leaves him on Vernon where he takes the blue line. It takes him 1 hour to to get to school when it use to take him 20 minutes.”I want the buses back. I need them.” Jordy said.

Even though the school does not pay for the buses anymore, the school provides assistant for students who have trouble with money for public transportation.

“For students who have been taking the bus and the parents who let us know that they have trouble with transportation, we do provide assistance” principle Josh Hartford said. “It can range from metro pass at no cost or reduce cost. We also allow students to purchase a metro bus pass in the main office instead of going to Cash and Checks stores.”

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