APB’s streak as top school continues

Animo Pat Brown’s streak of being the top school in Green Dot is still in tact.
APB outperformed the other Ánimo schools in Los Angeles for the fourth year in a row.

The schools’ expected API score for 2011 is 794, a growth of 6 points, Principal Josh Hartford.  Last year’s score was 788.

This year’s juniors, the class of 2013, is the highest scoring class so far, said Principal Josh Hartford.

“Their CAHSEE pass and proficiency rates set new APB records,” Hartford said. “They have also raised the bar with biology, geometry, algebra 2, and world history.”

“Good for us! I am happy to be a part of this class” said junior Precious Walk.

The seniors, the class of 2012, also had amazing scores in English, Algebra 2, Pre-Calculus, US History, and Chemistry, Hartford said.

Many students and staff members are proud of the accomplishments students have done so far.

“I think its great that we improved so much since we got here” senior Wendy Garcia said.

Hartford expects classes of 2014 and 2015 to continue breaking the records.

Like Hartford, students also have high expectations for themselves in the future.

“I like the school, we have to work harder to do better” said freshman Karolyn Gamero.

Sophomore Areli Orozco echoed Karolyn’s comments.

“I think its good that they did so well and it just means we need to do better” Areli  said.

Although APB wins many awards every year based on how well students perform on the CSTs, Hartford said he would prefer something else: students passing all of their classes.

“The CST tests shows how smart our students are one day out of the year,” Hartford said. “Their grades show their hard workers and are ready to be successful beyond high school.”

And there is another test that Hartford said he wants to see higher scores on.

While APB’s API score continues to rise, Hartford said the students’ performance on the EAP test, a college readiness test, is still not high enough.

Every year 11th graders take a test to see if they are prepared for college ready English and math. Only 20 percent of 11th graders score prepared for college level English. For math 50 percent are almost prepared and 10 percent are not prepared.

This number has not increased and Hartford is not happy about it. He believes students can do better in theses tests.


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