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Have you ever thought about getting a job in the media or entertainment industry? There are many opportunities for teens to enter the media industry.
The reality is that a successful career is based on hard work and determination. There are studios in Los Angeles, that have companies like Barbizon, which train teens in the entertainment industry to all areas of personal development, determination and confidence. They teach teens the necessary skills they need in order to pursue a career in the media managements such as models, actors, etc.
Barbizon is one of the many companies that believe in teen talent. They look for teens that are enthusiastic about working in the media, but might not have all the skills they need to become an actor or a model. Teens may call and apply to take the Barbizon program, which helps them pursue their dream career in the entertainment industry.
“At Barbizon all the instructors are trained professionals and are working actors” said Educator Coordinator Rose Cothran. This ensures the quality and success which helps students achieve the skills they need in order to get in the media industry.
Many successful students that have gone through the Barbizon program have made their appearances on programs like iCarly, 90210, Wizards of Waverly Place, Suite Life on Deck, Project Runaway, Shake it Up, Good Luck Charlie, and many more. However, it is not a guarantee that you will be the next famous celebrity like David Archuleta, who once went through the Barbizon program and is now a successful singer.
Rose Cothran, Education Coordinator of Barbizon said, “I’m in charge of about 700 students, arranging their class schedule, and working around everyone’s schedule because we try to make everyone happy”. Although her job might be stressful, she stays energetic because the students enthusiasm help create a positive atmosphere. “The adrenaline rush of helping students become what they want to become, like actors or models, is one of the most rewarding aspect of an Education Coordinator” Cothan said.
Rose is satisfied with being an Educator Coordinator at Barbizon. “It’s really great working with students that have come in really, really shy and have came out of it.They have graduated and became a completely confident person” , Cothran said. If you are interested in working in the media and you enjoy working with teens by encouraging them with self development, you should consider becoming an Educator Coordinator.
You do not need to be an actor to be involved in the media industry. There are other important jobs behind the scenes. For example, crew members, which play a significant role in creating sets. “We are able to take a stage and turn it into anything you can imagine, anything is possible in the stage,” Cinelease Crew Members said.
Opportunities in the media industry are endless. You do not have to be born with celebrity talent, as long as you have the passion to become a star. There are programs, like The Barbizon program, which supports students with the development of the skills they need in order for them to pursue their dream career.
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