Prom budget cut for 2012

This year’s prom might not be as glamorous as past year’s proms due budget cuts that have made it more difficult for Student Council to raise enough money to have the location of prom in a fancy hotel.
Student Council is starting off with zero dollars for Prom Student Council President Jessica Ramos said.The students, parents, teachers, and administration on the School Advisory Council agreed that it is more important for students to have supplies and healthy lunches than more money for prom, last year’s School Advisory Council chairman, Brian Reed, said.

Junior Alejandra Ramos said she believes that prom is very important to her because it is one of the hopes she had when she started high school, besides walking the stage.

”I would find ways to get more money by doing more school activities and fundraisers to raise enough money for prom,” Alejandra said.

Student Council Members are confident that the class of 2012 will have a prom .

Senior and Student Council member Numa Juarez said he is confident that this year

“We are going to blow the roof no matter what it takes,” Numa said. “The class of 2012 deserves the best.”

Numa said he and student council will make sure that class of 2012 will have a prom they will not remember as well as provide fundraising ideas to future student council members to ensure the safety of there prom and activities for upcoming years.

Junior, Gerardo Hernandez, said he isn’t really worried about prom. He said he thinks it would be nice, but the school is too poor to afford it.

I’ve been in charter schools since middle school and I understand they’re poor,” Gerardo added.

“All public schools in California are struggling in financial hardships, Despite that, teachers, students, and parents at Ánimo Pat Brown have met their budget four years in a row,” Joshua Hartford said.

Last year’s Student Council Staff raised a total of $4,270 for prom, this however did not meet the requirement of $5,500.

This means that the remaining amount of $1,270 had to be paid by someone else, in this case, the school.

The school ended up paying for the prom with money that could have been used for other supplies and events, Hartford said.

The school however , loses 40 dollars a day for every student who is absent
In school, 15 to 30 students are absent a day, Hartford said.

“The executive board of Student Council’s main focus is to fund raise as much as possible and make events to create a great experience for students,” Jessica said.

All students can raise money for student activities and prom.

“If all students come to school for a week,” that is why seniors are trying to help by having an attendance drive which will help them and the entire school, Hartford said.

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