Six things to do in the fall

1. Going to football games and homecoming also are some fun things to do with your friends during the fall. Football season is a great time to go show your school spirit and support your fellow classmates. Homecoming is also a good time to have fun with your friends and enjoy the time you have now.

2. Friday night flicks is an event held in Pershing square in downtown Los Angeles every Friday night in September and October. The movies are shown in a large projector, People bring their own blankets and chairs and enjoy the show.

3. Want to get your scare on? Horror Nights is the exact place to be, it only comes around October of every year. It is a fun place to go to get youradrenaline going by getting scared non stop.

4. Downtown on Ice is an ice ring put in the Pershing square open to public from mid-November to mid-January. It’s a perfect place to go during the the fall and winter with friends or family. They put a small stand around the ring where they sell snacks like hot chocolate, funnel cake, nachos and other sweets for the fall.

5. Theme Parks are usually very packed during the summer but not in the fall, since everyone goes back to school. It’s a perfect time to go because there are short lines and since there isn’t any sun, the wait isn’t so bad.

6. Black Friday is the one day that people line up outside of stores hours before it opens to get the best deals on gifts for Christmas. Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving. There is no other holiday between then and Christmas. Stores start their holiday sales that day. Stores generally open at 4am and people rush in to purchase their Christmas presents ahead of time.

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