What fear fears most

By day Universal Studios Hollywood is just a regular thrilling theme park but during the nights of October it transforms into the frightening Halloween Horror Nights. Universal disguises itself with monsters, smoke, and very dark corners.
This year Horror Nights provided its visitors with frightening mazes and 1 show that is sure to bring out the laughs.
Upon entering the park you face the first of many scare zones. The theme for the first scare zone is “Scream.” In this zone you are followed and frightened by Ghost Face which appeared in the movies Scream 1 through 4.
The other scares zones include Klownz, Zombieville, Freakz, and Reapers, where various monsters chase you around. Each scare zone has its own specific monster.
One of the main attractions Halloween Horror Nights has is its Terror Tram. This year the Terror Tram’s theme is “Scre4m for your life.”
The tram starts off as a regular tour of the Universal back lot, where movies are filmed, but then stops and let’s riders off to explore the movie lot on their own. While exploring, many of the “monsters” are let loose and one must face “what fear fears most” and make it to the end.
The mazes include various themes such as La Llorona, The Thing, Alice Cooper, Hostile, The Wolfman and the 3D maze Rob Zombie’s House of 1000 Corpses. For each maze you have to follow the path that is given, and with all the things happening around you throughout the mazes you are easily frightened. The mazes pathways are also very narrow so one should find a partner that wouldn’t mind your screaming and clenching.
The 6 other mazes may bring many goosebumps to the visitors, but the lines are ridiculous. Some of the waiting times for the lines are 45 minutes to an hour which is why a front of the line pass is a must, if you have the extra money. A front of the line pass would allow the buyer to, as the name says, go to the front of the line and go into the maze without so much wait.
Aside from all the running and the yelling there is also a live show named “Bill & Ted’s Excellent Halloween Adventure”. This show is a parody show which pokes fun at everything that has happened in the past year, including jokes about Osama Bin Laden, Captain America, and this year’s favorite Rebecca Black. The show, in addition to many jokes, includ a lot of dancing and singing but none the less it’s a great show for those mature audiences.
Altogether, with the mazes and the show, Horror Nights was great experience. Anyone  who has the chance should attend Horror Nights.

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