Writing a new path for APB Gryphons

Summer has ended and the time to hit the books has come for the Ánimo Gryphons. This is the time to reflect on summer and begin setting goals on your life’s path; these are the years to begin focusing on what you really want to succeed in life.

As editor in chief of our school newspaper this year, I have many goals for the Gryphon Gazette this year.

Together with my fellow journalists we plan on impacting in your everyday lives. This year the Gryphon Gazette aims to be the best it can be with new bigger and better stories than ever before.

We have already posted stories onmy.hsj.org/gryphongazette which reflect our Ánimo pride and we aim to put out more just like them. We strive to makes the stories that appear on the Gazette as interesting, intriguing and enjoyable to our readers as possible.

Our newspaper will provide you with solid facts even if at times they might seem a bit harsh, nothing will be held back in the paper.

We pledge to report the stories that not only affect life at school, but also life in the community. This year we plan to dive into the difficult stories, such as the cheating, the growing importance of charter schools in Los Angeles and high performance of charter schools.

In addition we promise to fill the pages of the Gryphon Gazette with the entertainment stories you want to read, including music that not only relate to popular trends, but to the various not so trendy tastes there is. Because APB is filled with unique students we plan on not only exposing mainstream music but the not so popular genres and bands out there.

The writers and reporters of the Gryphon Gazette and I look forward to providing you information in various forms, whether it be on our newspaper website, our Facebook page, or in the paper pages of our print newspaper. We hope you follow us whether you choose online or on paper.

This year we want to spread the stories of Ánimo Pat Brown in Gryphon Gazette more than ever before.

We hope you share your Gryphon pride with your family and friends and help spread the word about the Gryphon’s outstanding performance. We will keep you well updated with new important things coming up and controversial subjects.

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