Elective options excite students

As the school year comes to a close, it’s almost time to choose electives for next year’s classes. There are a variety of electives the students can choose from.

Some electives, unfortunately, are not given to the lower grades, which includes freshman and sophomores. Now although this is the case, there is still a variety of electives to choose from.

“In order for students to graduate they need to pass their A-G requirements. We give them their necessary classes in the beginning of their High School career to make them able to make up any classes they have failed”, said Principal Joshua Hartford.

Electives such as Art and Drama are open for all grades. While others such as Journalism, Anatomy, Robotics are open to only juniors and seniors.

“It’s not the same in freshman year as it is in senior year because it feels like you have more freedom and you are able to choose the classes you want to take so they could be beneficial for future references”, said Senior Willy Nerio.

In other words all the juniors and seniors get the good stuff, while the freshman and sophomores obtain  classes.


In Drama, you can express yourself by acting out in short plays for the class and an audience.

Junior Valentina Espericueta said “You get to be someone else for a while, it’s actually very fun!”

If you choose to have drama and show your commitment to the class, Drama teacher Ellie Herman, might even enter you in one of the big drama productions. Some of these productions include “APB’s Greatest Hits”, “I Am What I Am”, and “You Are My Role Model” and various others throughout past years.


Art is the only exception that sophomores and freshman have since its part of their A-G requirements requiring them to 1 year of Visual/Performing Arts. A-G requirements is the process of taking certain classes in order to graduate and Visual Art fits the bill.  “Art lets you express yourself and your imagination” Junior Raul Cervantes said.


Anatomy is an A-G requirement that fits in with 2 years of science but 3 years recommended and it requires you to learn about your body, as well as learn about the bodies of animals.

“I do recommend anatomy because it’s a challenge and it helps you get ready for the class when you get to college especially if your intention is to be pre-med or pre-science in college,” said senior Santos Solis.

This class helps you get ready when you take anatomy in college because you know what your supposed to do and you know what to expect. “It prepares you for any science classes there’s more reading, a lot of notes, and individual lab work” Biology/Anatomy & Physiology teacher Alexis Hanson said.



    Yearbook requires students to be able to interact with people by communicating and incorporating your ideas into the yearbook.

Senior Jannet Mesina says, “You can see what the yearbook looks like and pick the pictures that will go in the yearbook. You also get to see the yearbook beforehand and contribute ideas.”

“ I do recommend yearbook as an elective but the most important thing is staying on track” says senior Mayra Solis.

An elective for only Seniors, this class time takes lots of time of the students hands and makes them very impatient with their  progress because they have to make sure that their robot is in working order and if not its back to the drawing board.
“I would say that it is very entertaining seeing how your robot is getting built and as it keeps programming you will see your robot achieve its goal little by little and it will bring satisfaction and the feeling of achievement,” said Senior Ronald Martinez


Journalism is a class that investigates the news and reports the truth. Journalism involves going around getting interviews from different people you never even knew and having to get their opinions on a certain topic. Although you spend time investigating news its up to you to make it fun or not.
“It’s really fun and you know whats going on in the world and its also a chill class” Junior Catherine Valle said. “

“But Journalism can also have its downside because it can be very stressing having to manage your time wisely and being able to meet your deadline on time” Catherine says.

“It’s a class grade so if one person doesn’t do anything your grade goes down and also if your story is not on time your grade goes down” Valle said. This means that they all have to work together as a team to accomplish one goal which is completing their story.

    Journalism advisor Brian Reed teaches students how to run a newspaper through basic skills.
“Journalism is basically a student club I teach basic skills to how to run a newspaper its up to the students to produce news for our website and for the newspaper,” said Reed.

“It’s naturally fun because your number one job is to talk to each other and to others in the school about whats important to the student body it’s a real world class that in the end of the day you create something that’s important to the school” said Reed.

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