New Clubs at APB

Throughout the years, students at Animo Pat Brown have enjoyed and benefited from the clubs offered by Arc or as some knew it, champions. This year, in addition to already existing clubs, Arc is offering new clubs such as the glee club, cooking club, zumba, cheerleading and Arc leadership.

The glee club is held on Fridays from 1:50 to 3:30 in room 26. The purpose of the glee club is to allow students to express themselves through singing.

The cooking club was to begin on February first but it was postponed and the first class will be held this Wednesday.The club will give students the opportunity to learn how to prepare different types of dishes on their own.

The Zumba/ Aerobics club is a dance work out club for teens to have fun while losing weight. It will be held in the gym on Fridays at 2:00 to 3:00.

Although many of the new clubs created were requested, or are among the ones students wanted, not a lot of students are participating this year. The newly created Glee club has eleven participants. Even though the students participating enjoy returning to Drivers Ed class, this year it experienced a low number of students.

It is not that students do not want to participate, some students have AP classes after school and can not attend the clubs, while others have other responsibilities outside of school.

Rosa Lopez from Arc said, “Students would come to me and try to change the schedules for clubs, especially for the cooking club.”

However, this does not mean the clubs are in risk of being canceled or ended. Even though the number of participants is low, the fact that the students are showing up and enjoying the clubs makes up for the lack of participants.Clubs will continue to provide students with fun activities they will enjoy.

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