Teacher’s Hidden Talents are Exposed

At first teachers appear to be serious about education; it seems that they don’t have any interest in having fun. Depending on the subject they teach in class it looks as if they are only interested in that particular subject.However, what many students do not realize is that teachers have a life outside of school. For instance, at Animo Pat Brown Charter High School teachers are not only great at teaching, but they are great at things student don’t even have a clue about.

One example of this is Spanish teacher Stacey Harding who is a talented rapper.

“I always listen to hip-hop music, especially to rappers like 2pac,” Harding said.

Harding says she enjoys rapping. She also likes that she gets to play around with software and that she is able to create different sounds to make new rhythms.

Another example of a teacher with a hidden talent is U.S. History teacher Marla Orozco who has been acting since she was in college and majored in drama. Although she did enjoy acting, she says at first she was very shy.

“It was a challenge to get in front of people and face my fears,” Orozco said.

One of her favorite plays is West Side Story. West Side Story is a modern Romeo and Juliet play of two people that fall in love but are in rival gangs. The guy is from a gang called Jets and falls in love with a girl from a gang called Sharks.

Even though Orozco did not perform in this play she was part of the production as a stage manager. Therefore, she was behind scenes supervising the play. Her experience in plays has helped her become better at public speaking. Now she is able to teach in front of many students everyday.

Biology and Anatomy teacher Alexis Hanson is another multi-talented teacher at APB.

“I started figure skating at four and did it all the way through high school,” Hanson said.

She says that she also likes to sing, but she doesn’t has the opportunity to do that as much anymore.

“Now it’s just limited to singing in the car,” Hanson said.

She began singing in elementary school, and sang in her high school and college choirs.

She trained to sing classical music, and she can sing in languages like Italian, French, and German. Ms. Hanson explains that she sang at her sister’s wedding and she enjoys singing Christmas carols during the holiday. She has also sang at karaokes, but there aren’t many places where she can sing classical music.

Daymond Johnson is the school security officer of APB, but he is also a poet.

“I write poetry because it’s a form of free speech that I can express,” Johnson said. “I use my poems for inspiration to deal in life.”

One of his favorite poems is called “What if I was the President,” which is inspired by injustice, the struggles he witnesses in the community and his personal life, and the lack of help the government provides for the people.

These are only a few examples of the many talented teachers at APB. Although some teachers may seem boring in class, many of them are good at very impressive things. Students can also be as multi-talented as their teachers. However, this will take what teachers teach students in class: practice, determination, and hard work.

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