March 2012 Horoscopes

Capricorn December 22- January 19
~Is it truly necessary to push yourself beyond where you are supposed to go? It is time for you to question what is right and what is wrong and to remember the reason why you are doing what you are doing. Is it worth it? Is hurting others worth the result? Think deeply and try to redeem yourself if you can by doing what is right. Remember that achieving your goals will not be worth it if you get there through negative means.
Aquarius January 20- February 19
~You are intelligent, but you let that talent go to waste by isolating yourself from others. You feel that you can accomplish all your goals by yourself, but this is not true. Everyone needs help once in a while. Let yourself be helped, and you can accomplish whatever you have in mind.
Pisces February 20- March 21
~Happy Birthday Pisces! You are growing up! But, it is time that you act like it. Your shyness causes you to imitate the personalities of others around you. It is time for you to show your real personality, no matter how bizarre it is. People may be surprised at what an amazing person you are. They will warm up to you…eventually.
Aries March 22- April 20
~It is never too late to go after that one true love. If you approach that true love and have a straight talk with them, you will not regret it! Do not settle down with just anyone based on a fear of dying alone.
Taurus April 21- May 21
~Your stubbornness prevents you from opening your mind to others’ ideas. Try loosening up a bit and tell others how you feel instead of stubbornly denying any of their claims. Try to understand others’ ideas and feelings, even if you do not seem to agree. Sometimes showing how you truly feel will make your life a bit easier.
Gemini May 22- June 22
~Put down that mask of yours and start telling the truth. Do not just say something someone wants to hear–you might regret it. You may think that you are protecting them, but it will only cause them more pain when they find out the truth.
Cancer June 23- July 23
~Do not push yourself too hard and keep your emotions in check or you might end up snapping one of these days. You do not need the extra drama when you are at your limit. Save yourself the trouble and try to relax and meditate. A bit of peace and quiet is what you need the most right now.
Leo July 24- August 23
~You are a bit too arrogant and need to tone it down. But your loyalty to those you love and care for can only take you so far before you manage to annoy others.
Virgo August 24- September 23
~You know that person that you tease constantly? Well, stop and think about what you are saying. That big  mouth of yours will get you in trouble one of these days, so for once, try to stay quiet, even if you feel as if someone is going to take a jab at you. It may be one of the most regrettable things you have said.
Libra September 24- October 23
~Your antisocial and hermit-like habits are bringing you down. Get out of your shell and meet some trustworthy people. Not all the world is a game, even if you make it out to be. You will not hurt others if you know what you are doing.
Scorpio October 24- November 22
~Jealousy is brewing up inside of you, and it will not be pretty when it is at its peak. Try avoiding any hostility and focus on something more productive, such as work or any overdue work from school.
Sagittarius November 23- December 22
~It would be very useful to read the atmosphere before you interrupt others, or else you will risk getting hurt. Your overenthusiastic and blunt self can cause that same tension, so try to filter what you are going to say before you blurt out the first thing on your mind.

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