Raising awareness for Pennies for Patient

The Ánimo Pat Brown community started doing Pennies
for patients four years ago when
APB family member Kevin
Campos was diagnosed with
This year, Student Council is
innovating the way Pennies for
Patients was organized compared
to prior years. With the help of
Student Council teacher Catherine Perez, leaders of the Pennies for Patients project seniors
Irma Sanchez and Numa Juarez
created new games unlike prior
The new games this year
included: Put A Cap On Cancer,
Guess the Baby, Battle of the
Sexes, and Genes Day. Students
will pay a certain amount of
money to participate in each
game. Put a Cap on Cancer is a
day in which students paid money to be able to wear a hat for
an entire school day. Guess the
baby is a game in which students
paid to try guess one of the baby
pictures of a teacher or staff
members on campus. If students
correctly match the teacher
with the correct baby picture,
the student was given a “goody
bag.” Senior Cesar Olivares won
“Guess the baby” and was able
to put 41 dollars in the boys jar.
Many students participated
in giving money to help those
in need. Senior Jose del Toro
participated in putting pennies
in the boy’s jar. “It feels nice
helping patients that need help,”
said Jose.
”Battle of the sexes” is a
game in which students compete
against the opposite gender;
the gender who raised the most
money in their jars had free
dress on Friday, March 9th. The
girls raised $121.08 and the boys
raised $79.50 Since the girls
raised more money, they were
given the privilege of free dress.
Genes Day is an event where students paid money to wear jeans.
Senior Samoan Brown found
the new games “cool” and says,
“it helps students participate
Students who participated
helped to make a difference. “It
feels good to help,” said Senior
Erick Arredondo.
Numa is part of the main
team that helps make Pennies
for Patients possible at Ánimo
Pat Brown; he feels, “Honored
being part of and helping an
organization such as Pennies for
Student Council member Irma
is also part of the main team of
Pennies for Patients; being part
of Pennies for Patients makes
her feel, “great, I understand
people who are going through
that situation; I do not want
them to feel like they are alone.
I feel like I am helping people
other than myself.” For her, this
experience is a chance for her
to make a
“difference not only for myself
or for patients but also for other
people that do not know everything about blood cancers” said
Numa says, “All the money
raised at Ánimo Pat Brown will
go to leukemia and lymphoma
research and patient services.
This has saved the lives of
people that were or are battling blood cancers.” Pennies
for Patients will help APB get
students, teachers, and staff all
cooperate in making a difference
for patients that face obstacles in
their lives.

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