Discover the senior pranks from this year

The seniors of the class of 2012 gave their mark on the continuation of the tradition of annual pranks that the senior class conducts.
Government teacher Joel Snyder discovered dozens of cups of water on his floor, while two doors down everything in Mathematics teacher Dana Mainella’s classroom was covered in aluminum foil, a shout-out to the FOIL method.
“It was really clever and I laughed. Best one yet,” Mainella said.
English teacher Lauren Freeman’s room had post-its everywhere and had desks and chairs stacked in the middle of the room, while Biology teacher Alexis Hanson’s had flashcards all around.
Hanson said, “Pretty creative and funny. It was appropriate for my classroom.”
Spanish teacher Dallas Richardson’s room was divided into two. All chairs were on one side and all desks on the other.
Jose Ramirez was unable to enter his classroom because it was blocked from the entrance he usually goes in through. He did not have the key for the other door so he had to wait for Mr. Ngu to open it.
The hallways were covered with strings and some parts were difficult to walk through. There were lunch tables scattered around.
There was numerous posters all around the school with pictures of Mr. Hartford and Mr. Ngu. Underneath it said “Disobey.” While pictures around the school had senior Steven Solis with “Obey” underneath.
The girl’s rest room had confetti on the floor,the stalls were taped shut and a Steven poster on the wall. The boy’s rest room had balloons taped to the sinks and urinals.
The United States flag was switched with the Mexican flag from Richardson’s room. The American flag was later found in Richard’s room.
Some teachers were annoyed and frustrated while other teachers took it lightly and found it amusing.

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