Student journalists share their final reflections on working on the newspaper

The Gryphon Gazette staff of 2011-2012 celebrate another year and welcome the upcoming staff of 2012-2013.

Stay on top of all your work because it’s hard to meet deadlines. Practice using InDesign.
Melissa Lopez
Choose interesting stories that people don’t know about yet and make sure your facts are accurate.
Cynthia Rodas
Time management. Be proactive and stay ahead of deadlines. It makes things much easier.
Justine Cervantes
Stay after school if necessary and get your interviews done on time.
Itzel Valdez
Stay up on your deadlines and do not procrastinate.
Leslie Jimenez
Have a good relationship with other students and do your work.
Maria Preciado
Do not procrastinate, it will mess you up.
Jason Mayorquin
Don’t procrastinate, stay on top of your due dates because you will be stressing out.
Daisy Mota
It can be an easy class as long as you manage your time.
Rolando Granados
Get your interviews done early that way you will have more time to write.
Hilda Soto
Be on top of your work and make sure you know your deadlines.
Steven Solis
Always seek the truth.
Osman Samoyoa
Have fun, duuuh. 
Javier Chavez
Listen to the deadlines. Do not wait till the last minute because you will stay until 6 on a school day. If you would like to have leadership roles, you should consider becoming an editor, but it is a lot of responsibility and time consuming.
Catherine Valle
Use your time in class wisely and get questions done before you start writing.
Elizabeth Garcia
Start working on your stories from the very start or else they won’t come out as great, and you will be depressed.
Rosalba Herrera
It takes a lot of your own time. Keep in mind that you have deadlines and do not wait till the last minute. Your story won’t be as good. Become an editor if you like to help others, dedicate a lot of time, and expect to come during lunch and after school.
Tania Flores
It’s a lot of hard work but it is worth it because in the end it’s a learning experience.
Lisa Lopez
You should not leave your story at the last minute if you are an editor. You have to work with your writer and your section editors and don’t be selfish, help others, and may the force be with you.
Elizabeth Sanchez
Don’t wait till the very end to do things. You have to be ready to put a lot of time to your story. Be an editor, it’s really fun.
Noel Nevarez
Don’t procrastinate and always stay on task. Do as much as you can everyday.
Natalie Ruiz
Stay on top of your interviews and don’t wait till the last minute to finish your story.
Reynalda Lopez
Try to work on your story everyday so you won’t be stressing at the end of the day.
Arsenia Cabrera
Enjoy writing to get the best out of class because if you don’t like it you won’t have fun. You should be committed because you are letting the whole school know what’s going on and you hold the responsibility to let people know.
Yesenia Reyes

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