Time to show school spirit

Spirit week is the one week when students demonstrate their spirit. It is a tradition to dress up for this occasion; spirit week gives students the only time to be out of the ordinary. This year spirit week was on from May 14-18.
Camouflage and Animal Kingdom day started Monday for students. Students brought animal like clothes to show off the spirit of kaflaesque fashion. Kaf­laesque fashion, which means a bizarre image, for the students at Ánimo Pat Brown it is print clothes.
Camouflage made its appearance in style for girls and boys at the school to show the spirit. Monday’s lunch event was tug-of-war, which was a competition between girls and boys from each grade. The winning teams were the freshmen girls and senior boys.
Nerd and Geek day was Tuesday’s theme; students dressed as geeks to show their geeky side. The trends that most students display were wearing glasses, figure square stockings, suspenders, pat­tern shirts and skirts, and bow ties. At lunch, the event was the Chubby Bunny. Students had to say, “I love APB” while chewing on a marshmallow. The winner of Chubby Bunny was sophomore Chris­topher Corrales.
Twin day followed on Wednesday. Best friends, friends, couples, relatives, and even staff dressed up alike to be twins. The spirit was very high because many students came dress up the same with matching shirts, shoes, jeans, jewelry, bags and even hairstyles. The lunch event was the three legged race, and the purpose was for two students with their legs tied up .
Thursday was cartoon day and stu­dents were allowed to wear T-shirts of their favorite cartoon character. Students came with Mario, Superman, Hello-Kitty, Elmo and various other T-shirts along with jeans.

During lunch, students who came dressed up were encouraged to partici­pate in a water balloon toss, where seniors Rafael Guevera and Oscar Lopez won the first round of catching the water balloon the farthest without having it pop.
Friday was the day all students look forward to because it has the school car­nival. Students were allowed to dress up in bright neon colors or come dressed up like in the 1940s-90s.


This day was the most popular because it has been a tradition since the school was made.

The lunch events for Friday was the carnival, which began right at lunch and went on until school was dismissed. The carnival was full of fun games like dunk-tanking teachers, getting face paint­ings, rock climbing, and making friend­ship bracelets.

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